As one of our more "guerilla" marketing services, COLLEGE MARKETING.COM offers a sticker placement service. This service has some unique positive and negative aspects.

Among the positive features of a stickering campaign is an ability to quickly raise the awareness of the message on your sticker. This works extremely well for driving traffic to a website or to increase "brand" awareness. Stickering has been used effectively by record labels, magazines, food and beverage products, companies, etc.

Stickers can show up in unusual places and, thereby, escape the commercial clutter of the more traditional advertising vehicles. We can place stickers on or off campus. The most common negative aspect is that traditional adhesive stickering can produce complaints from school authorities. Advertisers should be prepared to receive complaints related to any stickering campaign. We recommend that stickers be no larger than the palm of your hand. We charge between 60 cents and $1 per sticker for our placement service. We do not place large adhesive stickers.


We suggest using static cling on stickers instead of traditional adhesive designs. They create far less complaints from the colleges and universities. They do no damage to paint or wall surfaces and work almost anywhere.

For stickers, the size can usually be somewhat larger than the traditional adhesive stickers. Our cost is often less for placing the cling on version.

"Cling on" posters can sometimes be used on those few campuses with little or no college bulletin boards for public use.

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