Our sampling programs at COLLEGE MARKETING.COM are customized to meet your needs. In all of our programs, we hand-pass your sample product or other offers directly to college students.
    Sampling is a very cost effective way of getting your products or other offers before college students. Students are forming life long buying habits during their college years. By getting your products or other offers directly into their hands during this period for them to try, you can create buying loyalty for your brand that may last a lifetime.
    We can target your sampling programs in any manner you desire. We can create a program specifically for your brand, or we can include your offer in a sampling kit with other offers for an even lower price. Both ways of distributing your samples compare favorably with direct mail.
    Our sampling programs can be combined with our postering programs or other services to create an even more effective campaign. You can save money on each individual element by combing them into a campaign. We discount on the individual elements as they increase in number.
    We also give quantity discounts on the sampling programs themselves.
    Sampling works very well for compact discs, cassettes, cd-roms, health care products, personal hygiene products, food, and beverage products. Our sampling kits can also accommodate brochures, game cards, calling cards or any other small items you desire. Please feel free to contact us for specific details or to just discuss your possible options.

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