Music Promotions

      Our college music promotion programs utilize most of our promotional services. These include flyering, product sampling, (hand-passed or racked) bulletin board postering, college newspaper media buy, website media buy, etc.
     We do offer some interesting additional services that are specifically designed for music products. We can mail compact discs or cassette tapes with promotional materials to 400 alternative newspapers nationally or to radio stations. We also have a small scale direct sales operation servicing some college campuses in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.
     Music promotions can be customized to achieve whatever marketing goals you desire. We can promote an artist, an album, song, a label, or a tour.
     The package you select can be targeted to reach any market you desire. We can target a state, a city, a region, a specific list of colleges or a certain type of college. All of our programs can be customize to meet your needs.
    COLLEGE MARKETING.COM would be interested in discussing any unusual or creative promotion you are contemplating. Please contact us.

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