COLLEGE MARKETING.COM provides a turn-key advertisement placement service using the most accurate campus newspaper database available. Our software allows for quick and easy placement of advertisements to one school or one thousand schools. We specialize in magazines that are uniquely oriented to the college market and the youth market. Our specialized knowledge will help you get the right placement in the right publications for the right product, service, or program.

While not the least expensive method of advertising on campus, newspaper advertising does offer short-term, instantaneous response where most other campus media cannot. For the college marketer with the budget to support an all-out promotional campaign, newspaper advertisements round out a media plan anchored by postering and other alternative media.

Newspapers are published by virtually every 2-year and 4-year institution in the United States. Circulation is dependent upon market coverage selected with maximum coverage approximately 10-12 million circulation.

Campus newspapers offer selectivity at the lowest possible denominator--individual schools. Minimum levels are recommended to maximize cost-efficiencies. We can target one school or the entire nation based on your needs.

Campus newspapers vary in frequency from dailies to weeklies and even less frequent publication intervals. COLLEGE MARKETING.COM will work with you to provide a customized calendar based on your market selection.

Costs vary by publication, and by the quantity circulated. Quotes on media buy campaigns are available at no cost to you.

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