COLLEGE MARKETING.COM can help you locate positions on and off-campus in various advertising and promotional capacities.

Positions are available in all parts of the United States and new opportunities are being developed on a continual basis.

We need people for distribution, presentation, and sales in various COLLEGE MARKETING.COM programs.

These programs include:
Bulletin board postering and the placement of "take-one" displays on college campuses.
Store distribution of "take-one" displays for credit card applications, vaction leads, etc.
Sales of COLLEGE MARKETING.COM programs both on and off-campus.
Tabling and event marketing programs for distribution of information, lead generation, or sampling projects at colleges, malls, airports, concerts, fairs, and sporting events.
$tudent $aver coupon books need publishers, managers, sales personnel, and distribution help.

Most positions are flexible in terms of hours and duration of commitment. Most positions are for independent sub-contractors. You can apply for more than one position. There is no obligation to take on any project or program offered. New opportunities will be available over time.

We need only motivated, intelligent, hard-working people. Huge commissions are possible for the best people.

Send your resume and/or cover letter outlining your areas of interest, time available, willingness to travel, and any other information you think might be useful in evaluating your potential.

You can respond by _e-mail, phone or mail.
Address to the attention of Stephen Crockett, President.
Phone: 443-907-2367
Mail : P.O. Box 283, Earleville, Maryland 21919

School Name:
Hours Available:
Areas of


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