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COLLEGE MARKETING.COM has been engaged in marketing to college students for over 27 years under various names. The company began as SRT Promotions in Elkton, Maryland in 1980. It was renamed Mid-South College Marketing when we relocated to Tennessee in 1992. We adopted our domain name as our business name to reflect changes in our business and our commitment to the new economy in January of 2000.

Our company started as a regional entity and became a national one. We are now headquartered in Maryland with a second office in Tennessee. We are able to design local, regional and national campaigns.

Our business has expanded geographically and in the various types of services we offer on a continual basis since our inception. COLLEGE MARKETING.COM now has an agent network serving every institution of higher learning in the United States. The company began with direct sales of recorded music (as a student group fundraising program) and bulletin board postering.

We now offer a full range of advertising, marketing, promotional, and public relations services aimed at the college market. Our services range from sampling, bulletin board postering, newspaper media buy, flyering, email campaigns, tabling and a wide variety of customized public relations campaigns.

COLLEGE MARKETING.COM has developed an experienced, reliable network of experienced agents. The core of our agent network has, on average, over 15 years experience working on college promotional projects. Most of our agents are non-students. COLLEGE MARKETING.COM does have a supplemental network of college students available for projects that require peer contact or a more youthful image. Our experience in the college market has taught us to rely primarily on our more experienced agent network of marketing professionals on most projects. We are organized to scale up or down quickly based on the needs of our clients.

Unlike many other companies COLLEGE MARKETING.COM evolved out of field operations. We believe that we are the most realistic company in our industry when it comes to field operations. Our strength comes in part from our unique field orientation. We get things done.

COLLEGE MARKETING.COM will attempt to educate our clients to the reality of the market. We will not say, "yes" to any unrealistic proposal or idea. We want satisfied clients. If we cannot meet your needs, COLLEGE MARKETING.COM will try to refer you to a source that can meet your needs. We are willing to discuss any project or concept that you are considering.

Our company seeks long-term relationship with our clients. We will not accept clients whose needs we cannot meet. Our goal is a close working relationship that works well for all parties involved. Our approach is customized for each client. COLLEGE MARKETING.COM does not believe in "cookie cutter" marketing packages.

We have worked on thousands of promotions over the years. We have worked on projects directly or indirectly for the majority of companies, institutions or organizations that have targeted the college market! We would like to add your company to this list. Our knowledge of previous marketing projects and the evolving nature of the college market can be very useful in developing your plans.

Our company seeks clients and offers that we believe in strongly. COLLEGE MARKETING.COM will help you develop offers that will appeal to the student population segment you are trying to reach.

Organizations seeking public relations services could not find a better partner than COLLEGE MARKETING .COM. We are very media savvy and very good at publicity. We are able to help on and off-campus in the field of media public relations and political publicity campaigns.

Unusual, new projects and/or programs are always of great interest to COLLEGE MARKETING.COM. If you are considering a project not covered in our list of routine services, please contact us. We may be of some help in exploring these new projects. Our advice, based on our 20 years of experience, is free.

Our President, Stephen Crockett, is available by cell phone 443-907-2367 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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