Flyer and Brochure Distribution

      Flyer and brochure distribution services are available from COLLEGE MARKETING.COM. Both flyers and brochures can be hand passed or hung on bulletin boards (see postering). Brochures can also be placed in counter-top "take-one" displays. On some campuses, flyers and brochures can be placed in graduate school mailboxes.
    Hand-passing flyers or brochures create a high intensity short-term impact. For optimal results, we suggest limiting quantities distributed to under 25 percent of the total school enrollment.
    We can concentrate distribution locations to the type of buildings where the kinds of student you are targeting tend to congregate. On most urban campuses, we can control the timing of distribution to within a week. Distribution on an exact day is usually not possible.
    The normal cost for flyer or brochure distribution runs 15 cents per item. There is a small additional charge for last-minute distribution. Huge quantities receive a small discount. Costs do not include printing.

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