CD-Rom Distribution

      COLLEGE MARKETING.COM can distribute your CD-rom (or musical CD) both on and off campus. We have found this to be a very effective way to drive traffic to a website or to promote sales when graphic content is an important part of the presentation.
    When hand passed, CD-roms can create a great deal of very targeted traffic. The choice of distribution location will determine the type of customer that you reach. On colleges, we usually try to distribute CD-roms near computer labs or high traffic locations. The flexibility of distribution locations is a great asset that is shared be the "low tech" flyering service.
    Rates for small quantities or last minute distribution start at 37 cents per CD-rom. Larger quantities, longer lead times or greater flexibility in distribution locations all reduce the distribution costs from this rate. Please contact us for more detailed rate information.
    Distributing musical CD's works in a very similar manner, except for the choice of locations. Nightclubs and other live music venues are more appropriate distribution locations for music products.
    COLLEGE MARKETING.COM can also place fee "take one" racks for both CD-roms and musical CD's. The cost per unit distributed is lower. However, display racks do not have the "one item per consumer" advantage of hand passing.

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