Bulk Drops

      COLLEGE MARKETING.COM can bulk drop newspapers or magazines on college campuses in almost all American markets. We can place them in the types of buildings that best suit the kind of publication being distributed. For example, recruitment magazines may be targeted at science or business students. These types of publication can be left in science or business buildings. General interest publications are usually placed in high traffic areas, like student unions, libraries, or dorm lobbies.
    Rates charged for this service are based on the quantity distributed, the size of the publication, and weight. We are usually willing to take a small percentage of the payment in the form of advertising space in the publication being distributed.
    Whenever possible, bulk drops should be planned at least a month in advance. The logistical considerations on bulk drops require a degree of advanced planning. We can accommodate smaller last minute bulk drops in most urban markets.
    Please feel free to contact us for our input at any stage in your project. We pride ourselves on making your bulk drop as effective as possible.

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